Custom Guitar Pickups on sale in June

This month Sullivan Music Equipment will be selling pickups on Ebay at special prices. Here are the Sales on EBay for Custom Guitar Pickups.

SME – Hand-wound 50s Style Telecaster Pickups – Starting Bid $65.00

These are the best sounding custom guitar pickups for country twang

Tele Style 50s Custom Guitar Pickup Set


Sullivan Music Equipment – 50s Tele Style  Custom Guitar Pickups, Fits Fender Telecaster or similar guitars.  Handmade in the USA! Alinco 3 Magnet Pole Pieces for smother more warm tone, fully charged just like the pickups used by in the 50s. Pickups are designed after 50s telecaster single coils using time correct 42 AWG Plain Enamel coil wire for the bridge pickup and 43 AWG Plain Enamel coil wire for the neck.
Wax potted at 150 degrees to control micro-phonics feedback that can cause sound issues during recording and live performances.  Vintage time correct waxed cloth leads (12 inches each). Chrome Plated Nickel Silver Neck Pickup Cover for neck pickup. String wrapped bridge pickup. Vintage Spec Copper Plated Baseplate. Pickup Electronic specs: Approximate Ohms Reading: Neck 8.0K, Bridge 7.3K. RWRP for hum-cancelling when both pickups are selected.

SME – Hand Wound Strat Pickups Designed After 60s Single Coil Pickups – Starting Bid $65.95

The nicest sounding strat pickup set available with vintage chime and tone

The nicest sounding Strat Style pickup set available with vintage chime and tone

Sullivan Music Equipment – 60s Style Single Coil Custom Guitar Pickups Fits Fender Stratocaster or similar guitars.  Handmade in the USA! Staggered, non-beveled Alinco 5 Magnet Pole Pieces for wider more dynamic magnetic field, fully charged just like the pickups used by Hendrix and Clapton. All that Vintage Chime that is expected from a Single Coil Pickup.

Pickups are designed after late 60s single coils using time correct 42 AWG Plain Enamel coil wire. Wax potted at 150 degrees to control micro-phonics feedback that can cause sound issues during recording and live performances.  Vintage time correct waxed cloth leads (12 inches each). White pickups covers with screws and height adjustment rubber tubes.  Pickup Electronic specs: Approximate Ohms Reading: Neck 6.0K, Middle 6.0K, Bridge 6.5K.

SME Texas Twister Tube Driver Overdrive Tube Driver Guitar Pedal – Starting Bit $99.00.

Great Sounding Over Drive Pedal for Blue, Rock and Modern Country.

Texas Twister Tube Driver

The Texas Twister Tube Driver™ evolved from a simple idea, to create an overdrive pedal that reproduces the most sought after vintage tones and still be versatile enough for today’s modern music. To achieve this, we have taken this simple idea and pushed it to the limit by combining the legendary sounds of the vintage 808 overdrive circuit and then applying the most up-to-date design modifications. Sullivan have created an overdrive pedal that delivers a smoother more dynamic sound while at the same time remaining true to it’s vintage heritage. The overdrive circuit has been tuned to remove harse frequencies for a smoother more articulent sound.

The Texas Twister Tube Driver™ is available as a standard model with both symmetrical and asymmetrical diode clipping along with a clean boost channel or can be custom designed at the buyers request.

Designed to withstand the abuse of the road the Texas Twister Tube Driver™ is packaged with the following Heavy Duty Parts: Rotory Volume, Tone and Drive controls, a “True Bypass” Footswicth, Power Coated encloser and Silk Screen Graphics that honor the Live Music Capital of the World Austin, Texas. When not getting stepped on or abused by the roadies, the pedal can be found lighting up the studio with masterful guitar solos and driving power chords.

SME – Hand Wound 60s Style P-Bass Pickups – Starting Bid $ 55.00

SME Pbass Style Pickups

60s Style Split Coil Bass Pickups

Sullivan Music Equipment – Ebay Price 40% OFF Current Retail Price!

Hot Pbass Style 60s Custom Guitar Pickups + 7% – Fits Fender Pbass or similar bass guitars.

Handmade in the USA! Alinco 5 Magnet Pole Pieces for wider more dynamic magnetic field, fully charged just like the pickups used by in the 60s.
Pickups are designed after early 60s Pbass Split Coils using 42 AWG Formvar coil wire. Over wound 7% for a darker more punchy sound. Wax potted at 150 degrees to control micro-phonics feedback that can cause sound issues during recording and live performances. Vintage time correct waxed cloth leads (12 inches each)
Black Pickups Covers. Pickup Electronic specs: Approximate Ohms Reading: 11.0K.

Jazz Bass Pickup Rewind

Hello everyone, today I am going to do a walk through for rewinding a set of Fender 60s Jazz Bass pickups. The neck pickup has stopped working so the customer opted to do a custom rewind instead of trying a repair. Both pickups bobbins looked to be in good shape, but the lead wire connections have become brittle and fell off. These pickups are a good candidate for a Sullivan Music Equipment Jazz Bass Pickup Custom Rewind. As you can see in the image below the leads are loose from the bobbin and have wax flakes around the pickup. Our goal with this set of pickups is to darken the tone of the bass since it will be used primarily for blues and some heavy rock music. The customer has chosen to rewind with vintage 42 AWG  Formvar wire and to over wind the pickups to 10,000 turns on the neck and 10,500 on the bridge.  This will be around a 10%  to 15%  over wind from the stock Fender 60s jazz bass pickups.  It should be noted that the bass guitar is very bright sounding to start with and the customer is trying remove some of the harshness of the bright tones. The original pickups measure 7.6K Ohms on the neck pickup and 7.9K Ohms on the bridge.

Jazz Bass pickup

Here are the original set of Jazz Bass pickups for rewind

Jazz Bass Pickup Rewind: When repairing a pickup I like to use a cutting board as a work surface and a large magnifying glass with a bright light. I also use an assortment of hand tools you will see as we walk through the repair. Above the work area you can see some of our test instruments.

Cutting Board

This image shows the cutting board and the first set of tools used to remove the coil wire.

Jazz Bass Pickup Rewind: First I remove the wire leads from the bobbins and make a cut in the coil wire at the center of the bobbin, then I pull the coil wire off in layers. When pickups are wax potted like this set it makes removing the coil much easier. You have to be very careful  when cutting the coil wires or you can scar the bobbins and create a jagged surface that can break the new wire as it is being wound.

Cutting the coil wire

Here is where I make the cut to separate the coil wire from the bobbin

Jazz Bass Pickup Rewind: An hobby knife is the best for cutting the coil wires as it is thin enough to reach inside the bobbin, box cutter type razor knife have a blade that is to wide and they do not fit into the bobbin.

Jazz Bass coil removed

Here is an inside shot of a bobbin where you can see the wax and coil wire together. Notice the wax buildup between the magnet post. These pickups are wound very tight so the wax could not escape when removed from the hot wax pot.

Remove the coil wire from the eyelet

This image shows the removal of the coil wire from the bobbin eyelets. The wires are very thin so I use tweezers to remove the wires.

Cleaning pickup with a software brush.

Here I am cleaning the pickup bobbin with a soft brush to remove all the wax.

Jazz Bass Pickup Rewind:  It is important to clean the bobbin to a like new condition, not only because it make the pickups look better, but it assures the success of a cleaner and tighter coil.

Formvar wire

The customer wanted to custom wind the pickups with 42 Formvar wire, here you can see the difference in color. 42 Plain Enamel is thinner than 42 Formvar so the it will create a thicker bobbin using the same number of turns. These bobbins will be over wound to bring out more bass and mids on a bass that is very bright in tone.

Jazz Bass Pickup Rewind:  Fender mainly used two different type of coil wire in the early years ( Formvar and Plain Enamel) mainly because of availability and cost. Well it turns out that those types of wires can add to the tone of the pickups as they age and this why so many people request them in the pickups.

Winding the pickup

Here you can see the pickup being wound, Jazz Bass pickups are RWRP for hum cancelling when used together. The pickup is secured to the winder so that it does not fall off and there are guides to make sure the coil wire stays on the bobbin.

Jazz Bass Pickup Rewind:  Hand winding the pickups is also known as “Scatter Winding” the coil. Machine wound pickups can sound dull and lifeless because they introduce capacitance coupling within the inter coil due to the wire being wound so perfectly close together and in parallel lines. Scatter wound pickups eliminate this capacitance coupling by using a winding pattern that randomly overlaps the coil wire and reduces the parallel lines with in the bobbin. There is a lot of information on the internet about this subject for those who would like to read more about it.

Hand winding the pickup

Here you can see the how I use my fingers and small piece of a shop paper towel to guide the wire and to adjust tension to the coil wire while it is being wound. The specs for this set of pickups are for 10,000 turns Neck and 10,500 turns on the Bridge.

Jazz Bass Pickup Rewind:  When winding a pickup we have found that keeping the winder at about 600 RPMs produces a tighter coil with less wire bulge from the centrifugal force. It also allow you to apply more tension on the wire without stretching the wire and making it thinner or breaking the wire, of course it does slow down the process, but the end results are worth it.

After the pickup is wound

After winding the pickup the leads are attached and the pickup is ready for wax potting.

Jazz Bass Pickup Rewind:  Here you can see the final assembly of the pickup, if you look closely you can see the coil wires overlapping each other and if you look at the ends of the pickup you can see how the shape is not completely parallel to the magnet poles. The contour of the coil shows that there are many overlaps as it was wound. Note: Pickups that have coils contours that are too parallel to the magnets or that are uneven on both sides shows a lack of attention to detail form the winder. Below are good examples of how a pickups should look after winding.

Wax Potting the Jazz Bass Pickups

Here you can see the pickups as they have just been placed in the hot wax. We keep the wax at 155 degrees. When first inserted the pickups are colder than the wax and the wax hardens around the magnet poles until they heat up.

Finished Jazz Bass rewound Pickups

And here is the pickup after cleaning all the excess wax off of the bobbin. The pickups were test after cooling to make sure their specs met the customers expectations. With 10,000 turns on the neck pickups we measured 8.5 Ohms and with 10,500 on the bridge pickup we measured 9.4 Ohms. Since the idea was to darken the tone of the bass we should have achieve our goal.

Jazz Bass Pickup Rewind

Ready for installing

I will post sound clips of the bass as soon as possible.

50s style single coil guitar pickups have awesome vintage tone.

Just finished up a batch of 50s Style Single Coil Guitar Pickups, these pickups are loaded with vintage tone. They feature ALNICO 5 pole pieces, 42 AWG Formvar coil wire and cloth leads. Each pickup is rated at 5.9k Ohms so they are typical early 50s specs that are Smooth and Creamy with Clean Vintage Chime. These pickups can be compared to any single pickups designed during the early 1950 through 1957. The specs are very close to the originals including cloth lead wires and wax potting to control or eliminate micro-phonic feedback. We have hand wound the pickups with the proper coil wire tension, number of turns and scatter pattern to produce a pickup that comes in at 5.9K Ohms each. If you are trying to get the tones of Eric Johnson or Eric Clapton these pickups will totally deliver!

We pay very close attention to the quality of all our pickups, we check and double check quality after every step of the manufacturing process. You can feel confident with you choice because we back our pickups with a one year warranty just in case there is any problems, but it is highly unlikely. Please visit our website for more details and to purchase any of our products.  We also sell bass guitar pickups, custom made pickups and humbuckers as well as the Texas Twister Tube Driver overdrive pedal for guitars. The Texas Twister Tube Driver and our pickups go hand-n-hand and work prefect with each other, you will not find another pickup company that also offers a custom made overdrive pedal designed to work with their pickups. The 50s Style Guitar Pickups will enhance your playing, clean up your guitar’s tone, make you sound like you are playing a vintage instrument at half the cost of buying an over priced replica and/or original vintage pickup. For just $180.00 you can’t go wrong with this Sullivan Music Equipments 50s Style Guitar Pickup Set.
50s Single Coil Pickup

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50s Style pickups




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Vintage Style Pbass pickups with polyurethane coated coil wire are solid.

I have been testing Vintage Style P-bass pickups wound with polyurethane coil wires and they solid sounding pickups. The have great sounding harmonics and when under wound they really bring out the mid range and upper harmonics. I recommend trying this type of pickup with a P-bass that is darker in tone than normal. Let us know if you would like to customer order a set.